A Unified Voice for All New York State Catholics

The New York State Catholic Conference represents the Bishops of the state in working with government to shape laws and policies that pursue social justice, respect for life and the common good. We provide a unified voice for the eight dioceses of the state to speak on such issues as education, marriage, health care, poverty, abortion, euthanasia, social services, criminal justice and the environment. We apply the principles of Catholic social teaching to critical issues of the day and encourage citizen involvement in the legislative process.

Abortion expansion

Abortion Expansion could pass in 2019

Gov. Cuomo is pledging to pass the Abortion Expansion Act (aka Reproductive Health Act) in the first 30 days of 2019. See why it's such a dangerous bill. View Here.

Pastors, parishes and political responsiblity

Election Year Guidelines

The Bishops of New York State urge all Catholics to exercise their right to vote and to educate themselves on the candidates and the issues. Here are some do's and don'ts for parish political activities in an election year. View Here.