Pro-Life Information

Because of the Catholic Church’s fundamental teaching that human life is sacred from the first moment of creation, the Conference strongly supports pro-life legislation. The Conference believes that every human life must be respected in law, including the woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, the innocent unborn child she carries in her womb, the elderly person facing severe or even terminal illness, and the prisoner on death row.

Click here to see New York State Catholic Conference Respect Life documents

National Groups
USCCB Pro-Life Secretariat

National Catholic Bioethics Center

National Committee for a Human Life Amendment

National Right to Life Committee

Americans United for Life

Project Rachel (Healing after abortion)

Do No Harm (Stem cell research facts)

National Catholic Partnership on Disability

National Office of Post Abortion Healing

Death Penalty Information Center

To Live Each Day With Dignity (US bishops’ site on assisted suicide)

Patients Rights Action Fund (Assisted suicide facts)

Patients Rights Council (Assisted suicide facts)

Not Dead Yet (Disability rights advocates opposing assisted suicide)

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (assisted suicide facts)

State Groups
Maternity & Early Childhood Foundation

NYS Right to Life Committee

Feminists for Non-Violent Choices

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